Available Online Instruction

Coaches Training

Online training for coaches and athletic leaders is an eight-part, video-based program that is required for all who plan to volunteer in CYM athletics.

Completing all eight courses (in order) is necessary and can be done on any device. CYM will receive notification of your score and the date and time of completion for each session. The entire online learning experience will take approximately one hour. Once all eight sessions are complete, CYM staff will update your "coaches training expiration date" in the online registration system within two business days.

We sincerely appreciate the sacrifices you make for our young church and the time you spend in this training, which, we hope, will help you to serve our young people more effectively.

Football Coaches In addition to the CYM Online Coaches Training, Football Coaches are required to complete the NFHS Concussion Course, pass the test and provide the CYM office with a copy of the certificate of completion by faxing to 302-658-7617 or email to catholicyouth@cdow.org. This course is recommended for all CYM coaches but is mandatory for CYM football coaches.

Happy learning!

P.S. You will need an additional user name and password for this training. This training website is not connected to your CYM coach registration.